Oracle sagt Danke!


Am heutigen Tag erreichte uns eine Nachricht von Oracle, die bei der kompletten Belegschaft von MD Consulting für Euphorie sorgte.

Lesen Sie selbst:
[…] we would like to congratulate you to this fantastic deal.
MD Consulting has proven, that the cooperation of partner and Oracle Direct Sales can be successful.
MD Consulting was proactive and passed on information the minute you had them.

New strategies? A new aspect just before the closure? Not an issue! Your knowledge and your cooperation was ONE OF A KIND.

 We owe you a big thank you!!!

 We are looking forward to proceed the great partnership. […]

Diese Danksagung von Oracle galt auch unserem ersten Cloud-Deal! MD Consulting ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in allen Fragen rund um die Oracle Datenbank.